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Latest Trends in People Practices in UAE

As you nibble on a shawarma in a 7-star resort inside the rich man’s playground, you may have noticed the staff are of different ethnicities. It is the norm here in the UAE. In this article, we’ll explore the latest trends in HR practices in UAE. Join me as we examine the exceptional mash of … Read more

3CO03 Core Behaviours for People Professionals Assignment Example

What will you learn 3CO03 Core Behaviours for People Professionals Assignment Example Question Case study You are currently a Junior Associate in People Practice and are working on your CIPD qualification. A local television production company has contacted the Head of your Study Centre to ask for some assistance. They are making a current affairs … Read more

3CO01 Business, Culture and Change in Context Assignment Example, KSA

CIPD Level 3 Assignment Example: 3CO01 Business, Culture and Change in Context Assignment Example What will you learn In this 3CO01 Business Culture and Change in Context assignment example you will be expected to achieve the following learning outcomes, which will also be the assignment criteria in your written submissions. Introduction  Organizational culture refers to beliefs, values, … Read more

3CO02 Principles of Analytics Assignment Example

CIPD Level 3 Assignment Example: 3CO02 Principles of Analytics What you will learn In the present business environment, businesses are looking for ways to create alue and gain competitive advantage. With increased computing power and powerful technologies, data has emerged as a key tool in decision making. People professionals utilize analytics and data to make … Read more

5HR02 Assignment Answers Example, UK, UAE & Saudi Arabia

CIPD Level 5HR02 Assignment Answers: Talent Management and Workforce Planning Learning outcomes The study of CIPD 5HR02 talent management and workforce planning equips learners with understanding of how to attract, recruit and retain valuable talent as well as aligning people strategy with organizational needs. The unit focuses on how recruitment and retention of optimal workforce … Read more

7HR01 Assignment Answers

CIPD Level 7 Assignment Example: 7HR01 Strategic Employment Relations What will you learn Employee relations involve balancing interests of both employer and employee to create a favourable workplace environment. In this unit, students will learn different perspectives of employment relations, conflict resolution and cooperation in different workplaces. Students will also evaluate and critically analyze how … Read more

7HR02 Resource And Talent Management To Sustain Success Assignment Example UK

CIPD Level 7 Assignment Example: 7HR02 Assignment Answers Are you a CIPD level 7 student looking for 7HR02 Resource And Talent Management To Sustain Success Assignment Example? Our CIPD assignment writers have compiled unique 7HR01 assignment answers for this module. The greatest assets in an organization are its people and talent. Every employer seeks to … Read more

CIPD Level 5OS07 Well-Being At Work Assignment Example

According to ILO, wellbeing at work refers to every aspect of working life. These include the quality and safety of the physical working environment, how employees feel about their work and organization etc. As HR practitioner you understand the importance of creating a healthy working places and increased productivity. Therefore, it is important to create … Read more

5OS01 Specialist Employment Law Assignment Example

What will you learn It is important for any person who wish to work as HR practitioner to understand principles of employment law and application in people practice. Under specialist employment law module learners are taught legal framework governing employment legislation, redundancy laws and employment rights. At the end of the module, students should understand … Read more

5CO02 Evidence Based Practice Assignment Example

CIPD Level 5 Assignment Example: 5CO02 Evidence Based Practice What you will learn 5CO02 evidence based practice focuses on problem solving approaches utilized in HR and L&D that form critical base in decision making. Students are taught the importance of using qualitative and quantitative information analysis for decision making. Also, how organizations can create value … Read more