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19+ Future Jobs in Saudi Arabia

Expats seeking to nail one of the 19+ future jobs in Saudi Arabia must first exhibit a verifiable working experience. Due to a prohibitive policy, The Kingdom doesn’t take fresh graduates to fill in their skill shortage. That, and fewer job vacancies for females, are the only inconvenience foreigners contend with. There’s also the little … Read more

Strategic Reward Management in UAE

Strategic reward management in UAE -and the larger Gulf region – has become more of a corporate branding tool nowadays. Companies are parading gleeful workers on brochures and roadside banners as a marketing weapon. Whenever you squawk about an “overdue” reward, the C-Suite executives rush to find out what the competition is offering. This post … Read more

People Analytics

What is people analytics? It is about analysing people data and HR processes using visual, descriptive and statistical methods to make sound business decisions. Data and information is gathered internally through HR systems or departmental systems and externally through salary surveys, employment index etc. The use of evidence to make business decision is embodied in … Read more

Major Trends Shaping the Future of Work in UAE

Beneath the sky-daring buildings, a global labor hub is brewing in the Gulf. According to Workspace 2023, three key verticals determine major trends shaping the future of work in UAE: modern technology, workplace well-being, and office ergonomics. This article wishes to help you understand modern corporate trends which affect the UAE labor market. We’ll also … Read more

10 Jobs You Can Get with a CIPD Qualification in UAE

Evolving job market dynamics are increasingly leaning towards CIPD qualifications for employability and career progression. AI and other emerging technologies are largely responsible for more than 10 jobs you can get with a CIPD qualification, as we’ll see in this article. Polish your shoes, arrange your CIPD certificates, and let’s go to that job interview! … Read more

Ethical Practice and Role of People Professionals

Unscrupulous companies laugh at staunch ethical practice and the role of people professionals in implementation and oversight. I know you’ve a tempting itch to hop on the gravy train, but please don’t. Ethical HRM practice is built on fairness, transparency, and respect for an individual’s freedom. It’s founded on compliance with laws, conventions, and strict … Read more

Wellbeing at Work Explained

Wellbeing at work is the modern buzzword in the HR jargon. Most global HR leaders about 70% of surveyed senior leaders in HR are prioritizing employee wellbeing and mental health to develop workplace resilience. As more and more companies embrace remote working, the line between work and life is blurred. Therefore, organizations need to enhance … Read more

Referencing and Citing Sources in CIPD Assignments

Unlike conventional academic papers that are laden with references and citations, CIPD assignments should use reference and citations in important theories, models and people practice research that support evidence based practices in your writing. Before you pen the homework, ensure you’re conversant with the citation rules. For every argument you put across, proper referencing and … Read more

Tips to Pass CIPD Assignment

They may not call your name at a Pulitzer gala, but learning how to write CIPD assignments with us will put all your classwork to good use. We also warrant you a premium score. Think of a CIPD project as a way to practice flowery theories and ideal concepts in solving real-world HR problems. If … Read more

Latest Trends in People Practices in UAE

As you nibble on a shawarma in a 7-star resort inside the rich man’s playground, you may have noticed the staff are of different ethnicities. It is the norm here in the UAE. In this article, we’ll explore the latest trends in HR practices in UAE. Join me as we examine the exceptional mash of … Read more