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Revision Policy

The purpose of this revision policy is ensuring customer satisfaction. By accepting to work on a revision order, our promise is to make the task available for submission within the stipulated deadline.

If, for any reason, the client feels that the project instructions were not met, the submission insufficiently responds to the problem statement, or is misleading, they may request partial or full revision at no extra charge.

The customer shall use all reasonable endeavors to ensure they make available, on reasonable notice, either an assessment grader’s feedback, new project information, or a formal revision request to provide the company ample time to complete the revision.

Clients are obliged to notify the company on time for a review request (at least two days before the final submission deadline for regular orders, and eight hours before the deadline for urgent orders). Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of this revision policy’s guarantees.

In cases where the expert encounters technical faults of a personal nature (such as internet connectivity problems or software issues), or a sudden and unexpected failure, it is the responsibility of the company to notify the client as soon as possible. 

The client shall on their part make available for revision any questions or clarifications on an order. Such amendment materials must be made at most two weeks after our writer submits the assignment.

Note: This period extends to one month for dissertations and any other assignment exceeding 7,500 (seven thousand five hundred) words.

If a revision request, having been made within the free amendment period, exceeds the scope or alters the purpose of the original job order, then additional fees will apply. The extra payment is at the discretion of CIPD Assignment Help Desk in consultation with the client. Discounts may apply on such added fees upon agreement.

Withdrawal from a revision project 48 hours or less before the deadline will result in the client paying a penalty for such withdrawal, compensation of which will be determined by the company and charged on the client’s account. The user will be promptly notified of such a debit on their account, and no further revisions may be done before they clear such payment deficits.

The fees for any non-academic and/ or proofreading tasks will be customized; and their rates may vary. Similar to academic orders, non-research order instructions shall be made on the dashboard.

Failure to submit or upload the revision request on time may result in completion and delivery delays, for which the company shall not be held responsible. We do not begin working on a revision order before the customer confirms such a request with an email.

There is no limit to the number of free revision requests, as long as they are justifiably reasonable. Any exceptions to this provision may take effect if there’s enough reason to believe such reviews are a case of abuse or wasteful misuse.

Any communication regarding revision requests will be through email, the customer portal, or our dedicated client support system. In resolving revision requests, honest feedback and open communication will address the expected review deliverables.

Both the company and the customer are responsible, during the revision process, to provide clear feedback and adhere to deadlines. Our commitment is to customer satisfaction and the willingness to ensure their academic needs are fully met.

A revision order is only considered complete after our Quality Assurance supervisors send a notification to your email; and the task clears the “Revision Jobs” taskbar on your account to the “Completed Jobs” section of the client portal

Revision Policy Updates

CIPD Assignment Help Desk reserves exclusive rights to update or modify this revision policy without consultation. Website users will be notified of such changes through email, user dashboard, mass notifications, and updates to the revision policy on the website.