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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy strictly informs how CIPD Assignment Help Desk [] utilizes and protects vital personal information that you provide us OR, using cookies and similar technology, we collect out of our website usage.

We pledge to protect your privacy and safeguard any personal information you share with us throughout our engagement, however brief.

At CIPD Assignment Help Desk, we handle any institutional, financial, and academic information with utmost confidentiality under this Privacy Policy.

We purpose to only ask for the most necessary personal details; and NOT to misuse such in any way you wouldn’t expect.

Privacy guarantees and data sharing

Should we, under any circumstance, ask you to provide pointed information by which our team can identify you, we guarantee to only use it in strict conformation of this privacy policy.

CIPD Assignment Help Desk will gather, process, or store personal information only with full user consent

(See Cookie Policy).

The company, its partners, and associated third party service providers may not sell, duplicate, distribute, or otherwise lease any personal information from this website.

Note that we will surrender, on demand and justified with legitimate paperwork, your personal information to lawful enforcement agencies and their affiliates without your express consent or permission to do so.

Our digital team and third parties may share certain non-critical, demographic extracts of your personal information to send promotional messages which we think may interest you.

You can opt out of any or all promotional messaging and recurrent, unnecessary adverts by emailing us.

Changes, Revisions, and Reviews to the Privacy Policy

CIPD Assignment Help Desk reserves the right to revise this policy from time to time, with or without issuing a forewarning notice on this page or elsewhere.

Reviews, updates, or scheduled revisions of the Privacy Policy serve to attain full compliance with the current law, OR to meet the changing business requirements.

However, we will promptly update any changes to the Privacy Policy on the website depending on the importance of such review(s).

The date stamp at the top of this Privacy Policy indicates the most recent update.

Data we collect

We collect user information using website forms, cookies, or third-party services.

Depending on the online property you engage, our website is designed to solicit the following personal details from its visitors:

  • Your legal name and professional title (where applicable).
  • Your current school, internship institution, or employer.
  • Contact details, including personal / organizational email addresses, and phone number.
  • Your physical (demographic) address and device location.
  • Browsing activity, device information, and previous visitor logs.
  • Any other information that we may deem necessary, and which we’ll expressly communicate.

To secure our website against unauthorized access or incriminating data exposure, we have exceptional electronic, physical, and managerial security mechanisms.

How We Use Your Personal Information

We use personal data to improve our services, customize user experience, website analytics, and for digital marketing purposes.

Our technical team relies on user information to periodically send promotional emails about new products, special offers, sessional discounts, and updates to company policy.

We also need personal data for user security and internal record keeping purposes.

Links to other websites

CIPD Assignment Help Desk may contain links to other websites of interest.

We are not liable for clicks on links displayed on our website that land you on other sites; and neither are we responsible nor have control over any data that you may share with them.

Data shared with such websites described in the above paragraph are NOT covered by this privacy policy.

Acceptance of Privacy Policy

By continuing to use this website, you will be deemed to have accepted our privacy policy, its subsequent updates, or amendments in full.

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