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If you are looking to deepen your expertise in strategic Human Resources, then the CIPD Level 7 is the perfect professional qualification for you. This qualification will help emphasize your strategic thinking and complex people management and business decisions. It will also equip you with the latest specialisms necessary to enable you to steer your organization to greater heights in an ever-changing business environment.

The CIPD Level 7 qualification offers two specialist modules that include Strategic Employment Relations and Strategic Reward Management. With our expert CIPD writers’ practical approach to CIPD Level 7 assignments, you will get a chance of attaining the best grades as you take your time to acquire practical knowledge and skills discussed in your lectures and at work right from the first lesson of the course. As such, if you experience difficulty in writing your CIPD Level 7 assignments, don’t shy away from asking for our CIPD assignment help services.

An Overview: CIPD Level 7 Advanced Diploma in Strategic People Management

The CIPD Level 7 Advances Diplomas are the highest level qualification offered by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD). The CIPD Level 7 is equivalent to a postgraduate study – a master’s degree and is designed for HR professionals who have completed CIPD Level 5 qualification, an HR degree, or plenty of HR experience.

The CIPD Level 7 Advance Diploma is linked to the CIPD Professional Map, which outlines the international standard for the HR profession. Therefore, the CIPD Level 7 Advanced Diploma is perfect for you if you intend to develop your personal effectiveness and business acumen. This qualification will equip you with knowledge and skills on how to design and manage your strategy, improve your people management skills, and learn how to best manage and lead different teams.

What Will You Learn?

You will study 4 core units + 3 specialist units + 1 optional unit:

Core units

  • Work and Working Lives in a Changing Business Environment
  • People Management and Development Strategies for Performance
  • Personal Effectiveness, Ethics, and Business Acumen
  • Business Research in People Practice

Specialist units

  • Strategic Employment Relations
  • Resourcing and Talent Management to Sustain Success
  • Strategic Reward Management

Optional units

  • Advanced Employment Law in Practice
  • Organizational Design and Development
  • Technology Enhanced Learning
  • Learning and Development Practice
  • Managing People in an International Context
  • Advanced Diversity and Inclusion
  • Managing People in an International Context
  • Well-being at Work

Membership attained

Upon completion of the CIPD Level 7, you attain CIPD Associate membership with the potential to apply for Chartered Member or Chartered Fellow – depending on your HR experience.

What is the average completion time?

16-24 months

What are the benefits of the CIPD Level 7 qualification?

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By pursuing the CIPD Level 7 Advance Diploma, you will acquire the high-level knowledge and skills you require to take up senior strategic human resource roles. Besides, you will gain valuable insights into the high-level areas of human resources such as leadership skills, business research and analysis, and writing comprehensive reports that aim to persuade key stakeholders to embrace new innovative policies.

With the changing landscape of people functions in UAE and Saudi Arabia, people professionals are increasingly playing a key role in influencing organisational strategy and direction. HR practitioners are now than ever in the driving seat and aligned to business needs and focused on business success and outcome unlike before. According to people profession survey carried out in UAE and Saudi Arabia, 61% of HR practitioners have had to upskill and 27% had had to reskill. Progressing in CIPD qualification provides practitioners with much needed latest HR skills such as people analytics, use of digital technologies among others.

Upon successful completion of your CIPD Level 7, you will be allowed to apply for CIPD Chartered Membership thus using the designation “Chartered MCIPD” after your name.

What Areas Do We Cover in CIPD Level 7 Advanced Diplomas Assignment Help?

CIPD level 7CO01 Work and working lives in a changing business environment

This is a core unit that aims to refine your knowledge, skills, and understanding of the interaction between the commercial business environment and future developments in workplaces, employment, and people management. This unit requires learners to research widely on contemporary people’s practices about ethics and sustainability, inclusion, equality, employee well-being, and diversity.

Also, this unit will help you learn how leaders and managers working in people practice respond to globalization as well as its significance for work and employment. You will gain knowledge and skills on how to analyze policy, practice, and corporate social responsibility, as well as ways in which people’s professions apply and encourage them for organizational efficiency.

If you are given assignments such as examining social, demographic, and economic trends or how the development of public policy impacts people’s practice, you can rely on our expert professional CIPD writers for quality assignment solutions.

CIPD level 7CO02 People management and development strategies for performance

This is another core unit that aims at highlighting the significance of using evidence-based, result-driven, and principle-led practice in backing the central purpose of people’s professions. With our professional CIPD Level 7 tutors, we can help you explore how people’s professions create value and deliver results for organizations and employees, as well as how contributing to the success of business goals enhances performance and employee experience.

Moreover, you will learn the importance of delivering policy and practice rationally and as per the organizational goals. Assignments under this unit require learners to explain the advantages and benefits of aligning people practice strategies with organizational goals and the means by which organizations incorporate people practice with brand, values, and culture, such as the examination of data sources aimed at influencing people practice. So, if you find it difficult in completing assignments under this module, we are here to help.

CIPD level 7CO03 Personal effectiveness, ethics, and business acumen

This is a core module where you will learn about model principles and values that promote inclusivity, which is aimed at maximizing the contribution that people make to organizations, and how to challenge business outcomes for themselves and organizations. You will also learn how to apply learning to enhance personal effectiveness and influence others during decision-making while showing courage and belief.

With fundamental skills such as critical thinking, teamwork, and communication, this unit will offer you an in-depth understanding of how actions and inclusive behavior affects ethics and the organization. So, should you find assignments under this module challenging, our expert CIPD assignment writers in UAE are always on standby to offer you the needed help to complete the assignment.

CIPD level 7CO04 Business research in people practice assignment help

The Business Research in People Practice module requires learners to research relevant topics and write comprehensive reports that are persuasive to major stakeholders in the organization to adopt or change a particular policy or practice. This module aims to equip learners with appropriate skills to enable them to define, design, and commence a business research project.

Moreover, it focuses on developing your ability to produce a unified report based on evidence and how to include your recommendation and critical reflection. As such, assignments under this unit will require you to design a specific strategy for analyzing and organizing data, develop conclusions and business-based recommendations as a result of the project, and consideration of how to enhance future project design and delivery.

Besides, some assignments may require you to critically examine the key publications and terms of reference to be undertaken and a range of questions developed to support the project focus and established results. With our team of CIPD Level 7 professional writers, we can help you complete your assignments under this unit at reasonable prices minus compromising on the quality of the solution.

CIPD Level 7HR01 Strategic employment relations

This is a specialist unit that equips students with knowledge on different perspective in employee relations and how globalization and international influences are impacting on employee relations. In this unit you will learn different perspectives of employment relations, conflict resolution and cooperation in different workplaces. You will also evaluate and critically analyze how collective bargaining agreement determine pay; impact of negotiations between employers and  trade unions and design and implementation of disciplinary procedures. Additionally, you will analyze the changing nature of work in different economies.

Get to read our 7HR01 Strategic employment relations assignment example to learn how to effectively answer strategic employment relations questions.

CIPD Level 7HR02 Resourcing and talent management to sustain success

If you pursue Resource and Talent Management to Sustain Success as your specialist unit and need assignment help, then rest assured that our CIPD assignment writing service will deliver you the best grades. As a specialist module, it focuses on the best-practice strategies to engage and retain the most valuable talents for enhanced performance.

It also focuses on both short-term and long-term strategic issues related to resourcing organizations ethically and equitably to maximize employee performance and the organizations.

Assignments arising from this module require learners to resourcing and retention in comparison to ways in which businesses can build and keep a positive reputation in major labor markets among other matters concerning resourcing and talent management in organizations. With our professional CIPD writers, we guarantee you the best grades for your assignments under this module.

See our latest 7HR02 assignment example for detailed and updated questions and answers.

CIPD Level 7HR03 Strategic reward management

This is yet another specialist unit in which we provide expert assignment writing services. In this specialist module, you will learn how to plan, implement and evaluate consistent reward structures to support strategic business or organizational goals.

It also focuses on the role of strategic reward to attract, motivate and retain people at work to focus the energy, behavior, and actions of employees, teams, and the organization as a whole toward the attainment of business or organizational goals.

Our expert CIPD Level 7 assignment writers will not only help you complete the complex assignments under this unit but also help you grasp the basic elements needed to design, introduce, manage, and evaluate effective and fair reward strategies as well as how related policies and practices link and affect other people practices.

CIPD Level 7OS01 Advanced employment law in practice

This is an optional module that focuses on the key reasoning of employment law such as employer defenses and claimant remedies. If you enroll in this module, you will be required to examine the common issues associated with employment law that arise in organizations and businesses intending to prepare a defense or help in settling claims before a hearing. Should you want CIPD assignment writing help under this module, our CIPD Level 7 Assignment Help can assure you the best quality assignment solutions affordably.

CIPD Level 7LD01 Organizational design and development

Should you opt for Organizational Design and Development optional module and you need assignment help services, we are on standby to help. An effective Organizational Design and Development is crucial for organizations or businesses to succeed and persuading organizational structure is an important part of effective people management.

Assignment solutions from this unit should depict knowledge, skills, and confidence to re-organizing your business or organization to meet the forthcoming business challenges. With our professional CIPD Level 7 assignment writers, you are assured of high-quality assignment solutions as per assignment solutions.

CIPD Level 7OS05 Managing people in an international context

If you want to manage international organizations or your organization is launching an international market, you can opt to pursue this optional module to get a better understanding of the challenges and difficulties that lurk in your scope.

Our expert CIPD assignment writers cannot only help you write quality assignment solutions under this module but also help you explore and understand how and why businesses trade and operate globally.

CIPD Level 7OS04 Advanced diversity and inclusion

Advanced Diversity and Inclusion is an optional module designed for those who want to pursue strategic workplace diversity and inclusion with a key focus on communication and training, addressing workplace behavior, and analysis of trends.

With this optional module, you will be able to focus on the historical and contemporary role of trade unions and line managers in promoting a fair workplace culture crucial to managing workplace effectiveness.

Therefore, if you are looking for the best CIPD Level 7 Assignment Help, you can rest assured that you have come to the right place. Our professional writers have well versed with CIPD Levels and have many years of experience writing high-quality CIPD Level 7 assignments at affordable prices.