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Referencing and Citing Sources in CIPD Assignments

Unlike conventional academic papers that are laden with references and citations, CIPD assignments should use reference and citations in important theories, models and people practice research that support evidence based practices in your writing.

Before you pen the homework, ensure you’re conversant with the citation rules. For every argument you put across, proper referencing and citing sources in CIPD assignments provides the reader an access to its anchoring evidence. Your task’s instructions clearly outline the requisite academic writing norms.

CIPD citation standards help you display academic integrity in your paper. Every time an authoritative source isn’t acknowledged, your assignment inches towards plagiarism. More than losing valuable marks, academic dishonesty is a serious crime.

This article wishes to help you demonstrate the quality and depth of your CIPD research through proper citation and referencing skills.

Referencing Techniques in CIPD Assignments

How to quote sources

There are 3 ways to acknowledge information sources used in your CIPD research. They are:

i) A direct quotation of the work.

ii) Summarizing or paraphrasing original content.

iii) Citing the entirety of the resource material.

Unless your instructor insists, use the Harvard Referencing Technique as a default in all writing of CIPD assessment. The style requires in-text citations and a full, alphabetical reference list on the last page of your academic paper.

Other likely citation methods that your CIPD marker may specify for your CIPD assignment include:

  • APA (American Psychologists Association) system, a variant of Havard style
  • MLA (Modern Languages Association) referencing style, and
  • MHRA (Modern Humanities Research Association) referencing technique.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Citing Sources in CIPD

I’ll break down the academic citation steps for clarity below. We shall take a detailed look at in-text citations and how to format a reference list. I’ll also give you citation examples for 7 different CIPD research sources.

In-text citations

In-text citations mention the source for a specific idea or a sub-topic within your CIPD paper. The most common approaches of making in-text reference are:

  • Parenthetical citation, eg “AI has continued to shape HR (Bezos John, 2023, p13)”
  • Numerical referencing, such as “What is in-text citation?(8)”

Important Note: For in-text note citations, you can incorporate the name of the author in a sentence, for example: “According to Kaylen, in-text citation in APA 7…”

Be consistent in using an in-text citation approach throughout the CIPD homework.

Formatting a reference list

An alphabetical list of all source materials appears on the last page, unless you’re using the numerical system. In this case, sources are listed according to when they appear in the text.

Unlike in-text citations, a reference provides full details of all the sources cited in the CIPD writing.

How to write a reference page

  • In bold font, center the word “References” on a new page.
  • Create a hanging indent for every entry you add to the list (use CTRL+T keys after highlighting the individual source)
  • Use double-spacing throughout the reference page of your CIPD assignment.

A good reference list has four major components sequentially arranged in this pattern: Author, date, Title, and Source.

Check the following example on how to cite a book in APA style:

Author’s last name, First Initial. (Year of publication). Title of book. Publisher.


Alen, O. (2023). The Importance of Referencing in CIPD Assignments. Herculian Publishers.

Reference list or a bibliography?

Many CIPD students wrongly assume that reference list or bibliography are two terms used interchangeably.

A reference list only gives a detailed account of all in-text citations. A bibliography also includes non-cited resources which you consulted during research.

Citing Different Types of CIPD Research Sources

Different CIPD research sources use unique citing layouts. We advocate for citation consistency and staying updated on best practices in referencing, such as the APA Style 7th Edition citation model.

Using citation management software and reference tools like Zotero helps you manage the sea of online academic CIPD databases.

What should I cite?

In this digital age, avoid plagiarism in your CIPD paper by properly quoting electronic sources. Source identification challenges are many, but that’s no excuse. Academic integrity and CIPD content originality shouldn’t be compromised at all.

How to reference various CIPD assignment sources

Having difficulties with citing the more than 7 sources you used during your CIPD coursework research? Here’s how to properly reference original materials while writing.

Additional referencing details for modern CIPD project sources are available here.

7 examples of properly cited CIPD assignment sources

Another Important Note:

Personal communications and other confidential sources are acknowledged with in-text citations. They aren’t included in the references list!

01.  Printed books

Author’s Last Name, Initials. (Publication Year). Title of book. Publisher.


Diaz–Rico, L. T. (2008). A course for teaching English learners. Pearson.

02.  Webpage with an author

Author’s Last Name, Initials. (Publication Date). Title of webpage. Title of website. http://

Consider this example:

Lad, K. (2016, August 28). An overview of the colorful traditional Mexican clothing. Buzzle. 

03.  Online corporate, government, or group author report

Name of Group. (Year, Month day). Title of report (Report number) [Description]. Publisher name (omit if same as Name of Group). http://


U.S. Department of Homeland Security. (2019, July). The DHS strategic plan: Fiscal years 2020-2024 [Agency strategy publication].

04.  YouTube videos

Uploader Group Name or LastName, Initial.  [Screen name if different]. (Year, Month day). Title of video [Video]. YouTube. http://

See this:

EnglishTeacherEmma. (2013, January 30). 5 tips to improve your writing [Video]. YouTube.

05.  Podcast episode

General structure:

Host’s Last Name, Initials. (Host). (Year, Month Date). Title of podcast episode (Episode #) [Audio podcast episode]. In Title of Podcast. http://

For Example:

Van Nuys, D. (Host). (2007, December 19). First things first (No. 232) [Audio podcast episode]. In Shrink Rap Radio. 

06.  Dissertations or thesis from an academic database


Author’s Last Name, Initials. (Year). Title of dissertation or thesis [Doctoral dissertation or Master’s thesis, Name of College]. Database Name.

An example:

Hoy, C. A. (2010). The adult learner in the online writing course. [Doctoral dissertation, University of Minnesota]. Proquest Digital Dissertations.

07.  AI tools

Tools such as ChatGPT hallucinate, making them unreliable CIPD assignment references.

If you’re using AI tools for outline development or to narrow down on a topic, include a disclosure statement.

If you used an AI tool for displaying evidence in CIPD project topics such as “The Limitations of AI in CIPD,” consider citing it as below:

Name of Group/Company. (Year of version you used). Name of software model (Version) [Descriptor of software]. URL

In your reference list, it’ll appear as follows:

OpenAI. (2023). ChatGPT (Mar 14 version) [Large language model].


Using AI/ChatGPT to write any part of your CIPD paper is plagiarism, academic dishonesty, laziness, and plain unprofessional even when you disclose or cite it.

A Bonus Tip

To reference the CIPD Profession Map, include the following: author, year of publication, title of the document, and the URL as in the example given below.

CIPD. (2018). CIPD Profession Map. Retrieved from

Key Takeaway

Neglecting proper citation in CIPD assignments risks plagiarism and academic dishonesty. Armed with this referencing guide, your paper upholds the ethics of quality research and displays best practices in referencing techniques and citation methods.

Act now! Cite responsibly, for success in your HR professional assignment depends on it!

Incase you are struggling with proper citation and referencing of your CIPD assessments, engage CIPD Assignment Help Desk for assistance. Our able team of editors and writers will format, structure, reference and cite all the sources according to the assessment requirements.

Remember proper referencing and citation earns you 5marks which can be a difference between a pass and fail in your submission.